Training Classes

Group classes

This is probably the most common approach to dog training. It’s efficient for the instructor since you can help a large number of people at once.  I’ve been teaching group classes for more than 10 years. Groups are a great way to participate in some weekly activity with your dog. A well-run class can even provide a safe place for puppy socialization.

As an instructor, however, I have noticed that the group format is not always effective in solving unique or difficult training challenges. For those situations I offer private sessions in your home to work on specific issues.

No missed classes.

Of necessity, a group class is held on fixed days and times. In my experience very few people in a group class are able to attend 100% of the lessons. Life happens. If you have a schedule that varies from week to week or month to month, individual training can allow you to schedule lessons to fit in with the rest of your life.

Training that meets your needs.

While there are some basic skills that every dog should know, every household is different. My neighbor spends hours each day hiking with his dog. His dog is great off leash with a fast Recall. But he never taught his dog to go Down on cue. He doesn’t see any need for it. So why spend time in a class learning something you will never use? When I work with individual clients I put together a training plan that addresses the skills your dog needs for a long and happy life with you.

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