When I first started training my own dogs in 1981, obedience was the only game in town. Obedience training and competition evolved from the techniques and exercises used by military trainers. Thus, the emphasis on precision and the no-smiling-in-dog-training POV. Of course there were tracking and hunt tests. Sheep trials. Not much smiling in any of those venues either.

Then agility came on the scene.

In the last 10 years the variety of dog activities has exploded with Disc Dogging and Trick Dogging, Flyball and Treibball. Dock  Diving. Nosework and Barn Hunt. Although my dogs are waiting for a titling event in lawn lounging, it can be hard for a dog owner to know what to choose. Would my dog like Rally? Or would she have more fun with musical freestyle? What about lure coursing?

But to paraphrase Jack Webb, sometimes you just need the basics.

Everyday Obedience is a 4-week program concentrating on the skills your dog needs every day. Come. Stay. Go (to your place). Leave It.  Gather up a few friends and learns as a group.

Contact me at Rockindogz.



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