Author: rockindogz

  • Walking for Good

    With all this extra walking you and your dog are enjoying you are most certainly benefiting your health and your relationship. Did you know you can also benefit rescue organizations and shelters? There are a number of walking apps. One that Coili and I use is Wooftrax. After downloading this to your phone it tracks […]

  • Just Chew More

    Last year I discovered a new chew source for my dogs Real Dog Box. This is a subscription service; set up your dog’s profile and a new box is shipped to you each month. Each box we receive contains a variety of chews. And if there is something your dog does not like – Coili […]

  • Punishment and Aggression

    “Violence begets violence” can be traced all the way to the New Testament and often repeated in speeches by world leaders. It finds its way down to the effect of television and video games. But what does this have to do with dog training? A lot. Below is an excerpt from Stanley Coren’s column in Psychology […]

  • Belly Bands

    I never heard of a belly band until a few years ago. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it looks like a fabric belt around the waist of a male dog. It is intended to stop inappropriate urination, like leg lifting. Go here to see a picture. I most often see them on […]