Just Say Yes

I was talking to a friend today. She was frustrated because she had agreed to do something that she really doesn’t want to do. So I gave her the “just say No” pep talk. Say No to drugs, say No to the second dessert, say No to the favor you really don’t want to do. […]

Good Dogs, Good Canine Citizens

Since 1989 the American Kennel Club has been awarding the Canine Good Citizen designation to dogs that successfully pass a 10-step test. The program is open to all dogs including All-Americans (mixed breed dogs). Later AKC added a puppy version called the STAR Puppy test. While the AKC considers the 10 test requirements as foundation […]

Age is Only a Number

Did you know that the standard calculation – one dog year equals seven human years – is not really accurate? In fact a one year old dog is more equivalent to a 15 year old human and a two year old dog equals 24 human years. Size is also a factor in dog aging.¬† At […]

Games for a Winter Day

At least once this winter there will be a week – maybe even longer – when you just can’t get your dog out for enough exercise. Well, there are plenty of things you can do inside¬†to dissipate some doggie energy. Find Me. Cue your dog to Wait while you go out of sight. Then call […]