Author: rockindogz

  • Just Say Yes

    I was talking to a friend today. She was frustrated because she had agreed to do something that she really doesn’t want to do. So I gave her the “just say No” pep talk. Say No to drugs, say No to the second dessert, say No to the favor you really don’t want to do. […]

  • Good Dogs, Good Canine Citizens

    Since 1989 the American Kennel Club has been awarding the Canine Good Citizen designation to dogs that successfully pass a 10-step test. The program is open to all dogs including All-Americans (mixed breed dogs). Later AKC added a puppy version called the STAR Puppy test. While the AKC considers the 10 test requirements as foundation […]

  • Age is Only a Number

    Did you know that the standard calculation – one dog year equals seven human years – is not really accurate? In fact a one year old dog is more equivalent to a 15 year old human and a two year old dog equals 24 human years. Size is also a factor in dog aging.  At […]

  • Games for a Winter Day

    At least once this winter there will be a week – maybe even longer – when you just can’t get your dog out for enough exercise. Well, there are plenty of things you can do inside to dissipate some doggie energy. Find Me. Cue your dog to Wait while you go out of sight. Then call […]