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  • Training Classes

    Group classes This is probably the most common approach to dog training. It’s efficient for the instructor since you can help a large number of people at once.  I’ve been teaching group classes for more than 10 years. Groups are a great way to participate in some weekly activity with your dog. A well-run class can even […]

  • Try Treibball

    What is Treibball? Also known as Ball Herding or Drive Ball, this is the newest dog sport to hit North America. Started in Europe around 2007, in this sport the dog must herd eight large fitness balls across the field and into a soccer net within a specified time frame, usually 15 minutes. The dog […]

  • Something for Everyone

    Tired of just throwing the same ball in the backyard day after day? Want to do more with your dog? Back in the old days, unless you had a sporting breed, obedience was the only performance venue available.  Then along came agility. Now there are unlimited opportunities to find something that’s fun for both you […]

  • The Rally Blog

    I have so much to say about Rally it has it’s own separate site. Visit the rally obedience blog at