Category: Dogz at Play

  • All About Puppies

    I meet a lot of puppies in my puppy classes even though it’s been more than 10 years since I raised a puppy of my own. We know even more now about puppy development – and have many more resources available. But the key principles I relied on when raising Onchu are still valid today. […]

  • Games for a Winter Day

    At least once this winter there will be a week – maybe even longer – when you just can’t get your dog out for enough exercise. Well, there are plenty of things you can do inside┬áto dissipate some doggie energy. Find Me. Cue your dog to Wait while you go out of sight. Then call […]

  • Just Chew It

    Christmas came early this year. Our order from Best Bully Sticks arrived today! I know some people never give their dogs chews. I think they worry about safety, afraid their dog may choke. Other people are concerned about resource guarding. Legitimate concerns. I think chewing is a good outlet for dogs and with some education, […]