Good Dogz Rock

Everybody Wants a Good Dog

What does a good dog mean to you?

A dog who …

  • walks easily by your side; not lunging to investigate every dog or person you pass.
  • sits politely when you stop to speak to a neighbor; not whining or tugging to move on.
  • comes when you call …  every time.
  • greets visitors politely; no jumping or frenzied barking.

If you’re not there yet with your dog…

  • RockinDogz can help you I provide dog training services using a pet-friendly, people-friendly approach. Whatever type of help you need:
    • solving a training problem
    • improving a behavioral issue
    • helping your dog become a polite family member
    • teaching foundation skills for the aspiring Canine Good Citizen, Therapy dog or Parkour dog

      RockinDogz has the skill and experience. Contact me ….your dog can be a good dog too!

7 responses to “Good Dogz Rock”

  1. Onchu visited my teacher education class at Trinity in Palos and I am now student teaching and Oswego and wanted to know if he and his trainer are free to help teach a lesson. We hopefully can also promote the program while you visit the 5th grade class.

  2. I sorry I missed last night I had it down for next week. Send me any homework and I will see you next week.
    Katherine and Bailey

  3. Just got the info on class for this past sunday. Could not make it I was unaware of the new practice date. I will still be testing thanks klo