Training Packages

All training exercises are supported with written handouts and relevant articles.

Puppy Package

5 Private sessions $375

I will show you and your family how to capture and reward your pup’s good behavior. Training will include:

Come & Touch

Go to Your Place & Stay

Greetings & Door Manners

Leave It / Drop It / Take It

Discussion topics cover life with dogs: housetraining, nipping and biting, how to provide appropriate socialization and enrichment.

Leash Walking

Three sessions $275

Session 1 – I will observe and evaluate your current walking, identify challenges, demo new techniques

Session 2 – We will practice with moderate distractions and fine tune

Session 3 – Coached walking in real life.


Five sessions $450

1. Identify triggers and body language

2. Strengthen cued behavior response and expand repertoire

3. How to establish new associations

4. Learn & practice techniques to manage and redirect

5. Putting it all together with decoys

6. Taking it live

Packages for other behavior challenges are customized following the initial consultation.

I am so glad I called! Working with Roxanne’s reward-based techniques helped Addie succeed five times faster than when I worked with a force trainer.

Nic S.

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