Puppy Vaccinations

If their mother has a healthy immune system nursing puppies will receive antibodies from their mother’s milk. Once they are weaned, usually about 5 weeks, that immunization begins to wear off. That’s when they begin their veterinary vaccination schedule. Vaccinations are administered in 3 to 4 week intervals usually culminating with rabies at 16 weeks.

Vaccines fall into two categories. Core vaccines and Non-core vaccines.

Core vaccines Non-Core vaccines
DistemperBordetella (Kennel Cough)*
ParvovirusCanine Influenza*
Adenovirus (Canine Heptatitus)Parainfluenza
Rabies mandatory in almost all statesAdenovirus Intranasal
Lyme Disease
  • Note that many daycare, boarding, training and dog park entities – places where groups of dogs are likely to be in close contact – will require these vaccinations.

You can expect your veterinarian to ask several questions about your dog’s lifestyle in order to determine the appropriateness of non-core vaccines.

Here are links to some additional resources:

  1. Dogs Naturally vaccine chart.
  2. The American Animal Hospital Association online vaccination resource for owners.
  3. The American Kennel Club’s complete guide for puppy vaccinations.

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