Basic Skills

Basic skills are appropriate for puppies and newly adopted dogs of any any. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sunday during the day. Fee is $150 for six sessions. These classes are open enrollment so new dogs can being when an open spot is available. Classes are “no penalty” meaning you do not forfeit a session because of an absence. I understand that while life happens it is still important that every dog registered has the opportunity to complete their training.

We try to group dogs by age / skills when possible. This allows each class to focus on common behaviors challenges for that age group. To register complete the online application at Camp Bow Wow Elmhurst

Coming Soon “Beyond the Basics” for dogs who have completed a basic skill class but not yet ready to work towards the Canine Good Citizen.

Tricks  – Contact Roxanne for wait list

Intermediate / CGC – Contact Roxanne for wait list.

All group classes are 6 weeks for $150. All group classes are open enrollment, no-forfeit.  This is a pain-free training environment, because learning shouldn’t hurt.