Walking for Good

With all this extra walking you and your dog are enjoying you are most certainly benefiting your health and your relationship. Did you know you can also benefit rescue organizations and shelters? There are a number of walking apps. One that Coili and I use is Wooftrax. After downloading this to your phone it tracks […]

Just Chew More

Last year I discovered a new chew source for my dogs Real Dog Box. This is a subscription service; set up your dog’s profile and a new box is shipped to you each month. Each box we receive contains a variety of chews. And if there is something your dog does not like – Coili […]

All About Puppies

I meet a lot of puppies in my puppy classes even though it’s been more than 10 years since I raised a puppy of my own. We know even more now about puppy development – and have many more resources available. But the key principles I relied on when raising Onchu are still valid today. […]