Walking for Good

With all this extra walking you and your dog are enjoying you are most certainly benefiting your health and your relationship. Did you know you can also benefit rescue organizations and shelters?

There are a number of walking apps. One that Coili and I use is Wooftrax. After downloading this to your phone it tracks your route, your distance and miles per hour. It will also cumulate your walking for the last 30 days. A handy feature if you set monthly goals. Bonus feature: choose an animal shelter or rescue organization to receive donations based on your walking totals.

Two years ago the American Kennel Club launched their FIT dog program. With our regular walking schedule Coili earned this one quickly. The requirements are simple:

  1. Walk at least 30 minutes 5 times per week for a total of at least 150 minutes per week.
  2. Walk at least 15 minutes per session at least 10 times per week (e.g., two 15-min walks per day) For dogs or people who would benefit from a walk that is a shorter duration, e.g., senior dogs.

Your dog does not need an AKC registration number to participate. Complete the online form and receive your free car magnet in the mail.

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