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  • Who’s That Dog

    Although National Pet Identification Week is over it is always the right time to ensure your dog has proper identification.  One of my favorite ID sources is the fun dog tags here. And if their hundreds of cool designs aren’t enough for your sense of expression,  you can also design your own. Can’t get any […]

  • Belly Bands

    I never heard of a belly band until a few years ago. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it looks like a fabric belt around the waist of a male dog. It is intended to stop inappropriate urination, like leg lifting. Go here to see a picture. I most often see them on […]

  • Molly Mutt Rocks

    So after all my raves about Molly Mutt’s durable duvets….one of ours got a tear. A small tear, but still… a tear can become a rip which can become a hole, and so on. So I emailed Molly Mutt and she sent me a patch. A patch that is a perfect match! Now off to […]

  • Just Chew It

    Christmas came early this year. Our order from Best Bully Sticks arrived today! I know some people never give their dogs chews. I think they worry about safety, afraid their dog may choke. Other people are concerned about resource guarding. Legitimate concerns. I think chewing is a good outlet for dogs and with some education, […]