Although National Pet Identification Week is over it is always the right time to ensure your dog has proper identification.  One of my favorite ID sources is the fun dog tags here. And if their hundreds of cool designs aren’t enough for your sense of expression,  you can also design your own. Can’t get any better than that. Oh yes, you can. They have frequent sales and holiday discounts, too.

Then you need something to put the tag on. Several years ago Gina Spadafori over at Pet Connection wrote a great review of collar types then on the market. One style she mentioned is a tag collar. A tag collar is not used with a leash or as a means of restraint. Its only function is to hold your dog’s identification.

So your dog has a microchip? That’s good but no guarantee. You still need some sort of external ID. Microchips can migrate in the body and may not be detected by a scanner.

Of course all of this is after you’ve taught your dog a no fail emergency recall, yes?

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