No More Stinky Dog Beds

My sister has just joined my Molly Mutt fan club.

Here is Cluny on his Molly Mutt. Doesn't he look comfy?

What or who is Molly Mutt? Just the gosh-darn best dog beds in the business. I don’t know what I like best:

a) the covers are so durable that after almost two years of use there isn’t a only one rip or snag or,

b) they come with stuff sacks. You fill the stuff sacks with anything you want (old clothes, rags, blankets) and instant, washable bed filling. (Remember back in the day when we made pillows from old ripped pantyhose? What is pantyhose you ask? Yeah, that’s another post.)

My sister filled one of her Molly Mutts with old t-shirts. too sentimental to throw out, but too ragged to wear. I have a large Molly Mutt filled with extra blankets and throw rugs which saves valuable closet storage space for shoes.

I used to buy new dog beds constantly. The covers would tear, the filling would be unwashable. If you took a chance and washed it anyway, the stuffing lumped. Because of this frequent replacement strategy, I was unwilling to spend more than a pittance for dog beds only buying them on clearance, thus repeating the cheap product cycle. Now, with my Molly Mutts, when it’s time to wash the covers I just slide out the stuff sack and later slide it back in.

Company service is good, too. I told my sister about Molly Mutt one day and only a week later, she’s exclaiming their features to one of her co-workers.

The designs are so attractive that when my niece came to visit she thought the Molly Mutts were for a sleep-over. New designs keep coming out. I’ve seen three new ones I would like to get.

Maybe I’ll just get one more.

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